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Help us redefine possible with our purpose built National Community Centre of Excellence for Technology-Assisted Neuro-rehabilitation Exercise and Research. This innovative centre will be a first of its kind in Australia.

To understand more about our vision for this Centre please read below.

NATIONAL – The centre will not be limited by its physical boundaries. Using the latest advances in telemedicine, we can connect with individuals and their local therapists in other locations, both city based and regional, to offer our technology-assisted exercise (TAE) programs to them, as equal participants, with those who are able to physically visit the centre.

COMMUNITY – We will provide our TAE programs to adolescents and adults who have been diagnosed with an acquired brain injury or spinal cord injury and who are now living at home or in other community-based settings.

EXCELLENCE – Working together with our international partners, we will strive to offer TAE programs based on international best practice. We will simultaneously pursue innovation, with the goal of maximising every individual’s neuro-recovery.

TECHNOLOGY-ASSISTED NEURO-REHABILITATION EXERCISE - The Centre will be equipped with cutting-edge wearable robotic technologies for both upper and lower limbs. Beyond wearable technologies, the Centre will also offer access to virtual reality technologies and the latest neuro-rehabilitation computer gaming software.

RESEARCH – Every TAE program we offer will be the subject of scientific evaluation and a health-economics assessment. Outcome measures we collect will include improvements in an individual’s abilities, health and quality of life. We will also report on the cost-efficiency of each program, measuring its true value, in terms of resulting long-term cost savings to Australia’s healthcare and welfare system.

Check out this video of Craig Hospital’s PEAK Centre in Colorado to see some of the latest robotic equipment working side by side, with more traditional neuro-rehabilitation exercise equipment, offering individuals the opportunity to further their neuro-recovery after discharge from hospital.

Fundraising Goal: $10million

Our partners:

Help us improve lives 1 exercise session at a time.

No. 1 UPSTANDING Project – HELLEN (Hunter Region, NSW)

Hunter’s exoskeleton for lower limb exercise and neuro-rehabilitation (HELLEN) enables individuals with neurological conditions to stand, walk and participate in robotic exercise therapy. HELLEN is for the Hunter community’s benefit. More information can be found here www.hellen.org.au

Working with researchers from the University of Newcastle, we will provide technology-assisted physiotherapy exercises with a Rex Bionics rehabilitation exoskeleton to stroke survivors and individuals with an acquired brain injury as part of a 12 month research project.

Our vision is to deliver Australia’s first ever robotic exercise rehabilitation project for a regional community.

The AIN is dedicated to raising funds to make HELLEN accessible to Hunter residents in need.

Funds raised enable us to offer physiotherapy sessions. Help us improve lives 1 exercise session at a time.

Our supporters:

Special thanks (in alphabetical order) go to: Deb Austin, Dr Joanne Britto, Danica Brooks, Wendy Carmichael, Hammond Family (Jackie, Brian, Eva and Lauren), Dr George Manoliadis, Roger Martinet, Cosimina and Frank Nesci, Vanessa Orton, Dana Pichaloff, Dr Michelle Rank and Garth Weiley.

Working together with our community partners we are building a Knowledge Hub about neuro-rehabilitation and neuroplasticity.

Help Us Connect a Neuro-Rehab Community – Help Us Build a Free National Funding Resource

After finishing inpatient neuro-rehab, we know that many people struggle to continue to access physical therapy. Help us connect the community of individuals, their families and carers, who are passionate about ongoing physical therapy and setting new personal neuro-rehab goals. Share your experiences with us, we would love to hear from you!

We want to help and we think that one way we can start helping is by finding out who is funding community neuro-rehabilitation exercise services for individuals and making this information freely available on our website.Do you know of a philanthropic organisation or any other entity offering grants to individuals with neurological conditions, to pay for allied health services in the community? Perhaps you are a therapist and your client has received a grant, perhaps you have personally sourced funding in your home town to help pay for your therapy sessions, perhaps you work for an organisation offering grants to individuals, if so, we would love to hear from you!

We know there are limited publicly funded options, we know even private health insurance offers very limited support and we know how difficult crowdfunding for individual health needs can be. Our goal is offer for free on this website, a database of every organisation who helps individual Australians pay for their neuro-rehabilitation goals. This way, when an individual living with a neurological condition or their family and carers are looking for financial support for allied health services, there is one place they can come, to easily find out who they might be eligible to apply to in their area.

Please connect with us over email or through social media to share the name of any funding organisations you know of, or ways you have managed to fund your ongoing access to community based neuro-rehab exercise services.

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We are talking with stakeholders in the neuro-rehabilitation sector and look forward to sharing other awareness and advocacy initiatives with you soon!

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